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Private Residence in Biloxi

Case # 24061006

Second  Investigation

Activity:  The two homeowners had just moved into the house that was approximately 4 years old. One of the daughters started talking to an invisible friend. She said it was an old man named Joe. She even talked about a white sheet being pulled over his face. Then, the women started having the feeling of being watched, especially late at night. Then the doors started opening and closing when no one was near them. The bathroom water would turn on by itself. The TV and radio, which were located in the living room, would turn on full blast in the middle of the night. The thermostat would be turned up or down. They would hear what sounded like a child running through the house when their children weren't there. That's when they decided to contact us. 

The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and approximately 4 years old. There were 2 women in their early twenties. Each has a daughter under the age of 5. 



Investigators:   Dolly, Jared, and the team.. Also present were homeowner # 2 and her mother.  


Equipment:  Digital cameras, digital audio recorders and a video camera.  




Evidence: We started our investigation in homeowner # 2 bedroom. Dolly and a feamle investigator  were sitting on the bed with their backs to the wall. Jared was at the foot of the bed and a male investigator  was sitting on the floor. We were asking questions on the audio. At one point, from behind Dolly and and the female investigator  (remember there was a wall behind them), we heard a woman say "Hey". Audio did pick it up but it's faint. Since we heard it out loud, this is what is called a disembodied voice.  

We investigate in total darkness. A kitchen light had been left on and even with the door shut you could see a faint outline under the door. Every few seconds, you would see something run in front of the door but on the outside. The light from the kitchen would be blocked. All investigators and other individuals were in the bedroom at the time. Also, in this room, several investigators had their hair gently pulled or they were lightly touched on their neck or leg.

From this room, we went to the daughter's bedroom that kept seeing Joe. Again, the bedroom door was shut, but we would se what appeared to be someone running back and forth in front of the door. Also, there was a ceiling fan in there with a butterfly hanging down from the string. At one time, the butterfly started swinging in a clockwise direction. Then it stopped. The A/C was not on. Then, the butterfly started swinging in a counter-clockwise direction. The room had a heavy feeling in it. It was very uncomfortable.

From there, we went to the living room. While we were sitting there, we did see a shadow dart across the kitchen area. Also, there was a bottle of water on the table next to Dolly. It lifted up by itself and went flying across the room. Across from the living room, there was a play area. We could see one panel moving as if someone was looking outside. When Jared and Dolly walked over to check it out, they couldn't explain what had moved it. Also, the chandelier above them moved, but it was easily debunked. Walk anywhere near it and it moves gently.

From there, we went to homeowner # 1 bedroom (master bedroom). This room also felt very heavy. We did get one picture we couldn't explain which is at the top of this page. It appears to be somewhat translucent. There were no straps on the camera and the girls wore their hair back. 

After this room, we decided to call it a night. If we had known about the great EVPs we were getting, we probably would have stayed a lot longer.

This EVP was from the child's bedroom. Remember she kept saying she had seen an old man named Joe. 

This one I think shocked us the most. You can clearly hear a child saying "Welcome Home". There were no children present. We were in the living room and had left the recorder in a toy alcove on top of a toy chest.


In the master bedroom, you will hear a 'hmmmm.'


We also got an EVP of the woman saying "Don" over and over. There is a lot of background noise though.


We decided we needed to try and research the history of the house and the property, but thanks to Hurricane Katrina, we were having a very difficult time.


Before we could get any information, Dolly received a frantic call around 11 pm from the homeowner on a Thursday night. They had heard a woman speak to them and there was a burning smell in the house. Dolly and Laura drove over immediately. You could smell the burning smell, but it was faint now. Dolly checked breakers, plugs, outlets, etc. but couldn't explain it. The homeowner decided to leave for the night, so we decided to leave audio running. The audio recorder was in the living room. There was a small dog in a cage in the opposite part of the house. You will hear him crying, plus banging noises. We later determined it was the kicthen cabinets and bedroom doors  slamming shut.

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