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Here are a few things you should understand first, if you are interested in joining Shadowz Paranormal. After reading these, if you are still interested, you can email us at 

1. You must be 21 years old.

2. We do Criminal background checks. So, if you have a criminal history, you will not be allowed to join. NO Exceptions!

3. You will not get paid. We do not charge for our services. We are going to start selling shirts, etc. to try and earn money to help pay for more equipment, etc. 

4. Any donations we get will help pay for the costs of batteries, equipment, etc. 

5. No Drugs or alcohol during any investigation. This will not be tolerated. 

6. We usually investigate on Saturday nights, sometimes all night. Business has really picked up and now we are doing some week nights also. We don't expect you to make all the investigations but please let us know ahead of time if you can't make it. And don't try to go just to the "most haunted" ones. 

7. Unless it's an emergency investigation, you will be given at least a 2 week notcie of wehere the next case is

8. NEVER investigate alone. Stay with your team for safety reasons. 

9. Wear your uniform (shadowz short and khaki pants or shorts) unless told otherwise. This is especially important with graveyards, etc. so the police will know if someone else is trying to sneak in. 

10. If you try to fake or tamper with any evidence, you will be fired immediately. 

11. If you think you see something, tell someone right away. Don't wait till the next day because then it's to late to check it out. 

12. We want to start doing out of state investigations. If you can't do them, that's fine, just let us know.

13. DON'T PANIC! If you get scared, take your team and walk out. We've all been touched, talked to, etc. Things happen. 

14. Anyone with a violent background or police record, such as breaking and entering, etc. will NOT be allowed to join. This is for the safety of our homeowners and us.

15. We ask that you pay for the shirts that we will give you, after you have done a few investigations. We got a really good deal on them. You can also purchase hoodies, sweatshirts etc.

16. If you agree to go to an investigation, we expect you to be there. Our clients deserve a full crew. We understand emergencies do come up, but if you call out to much we will have to let you go.

17. There is more to this than just investigating. You will learn the exact same things taught in professional classes. You will be considered "in Training" until you can pass the tests. You'll learn about the types of hauntings, how to tell them apart, etc.

18. Do not take your friends investigating on the side. If you were caught trespassing, etc. it could hurt the group's reputation. If you have a place you want us to investigate, just let Dolly or Jared know. We encourage you to wear your shirt in public. It's great publicity. But remember your representing us.

19. Most nights you will investigate and nothing happens. Be prepared for that. It's not like TV, where things always happen.

You can get hurt. We have had a few members scratched, bitten , held down and even one thrown head first into a wall.

Still interested in joining?

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