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Private Residence in Biloxi

Case # 24061006

Emergency meeting


The next night, we had an emergency meeting. We wanted to debunk the banging noise. We also had 2 firemen show up. They made it clear from the very beginning that they didn't believe in paranormal and that they were there to explain the burning smell. They were told to go ahead. They both walked into the master bedroom and came out a few minutes later visibly upset. The woman had spoke out loud and touched one. The one who was touched left the house right then and there. The other one stayed and investigated with us. He couldn't explain the burning smell either. We tried banging the dog cage and no matter how hard we banged it, the noise wasn't the same or nearly as loud. We then started banging cabinets, etc. Turns out the banging noise was from the doors of a huge pantry they had. Guess our female Spirit was upset when everyone left. The homeowner decided for their peace of mind, they wanted a Priest to do a blessing.The Priest came. The next night we went over there. We didn't investigate but had audio running and captured this. First is a child humming and second is our woman again


We were able to find out that an elderly man whose nick name was "Joe" had died in the house years earlier. More astonshing was the fact that the one  homeowners child kept seeing a boy on fire. WE did find out a child and his mom died in an ealrier house on the property in a house fire. . Foul play was suspected. Maybe the female spirit was trying to tell us who murdered them when she kept saying "Don" over and over. WE dont know but there was a Don involved with the house. But this case is a perfect example of what to do when your child tells you their seeing things. Believe them (like our homeownes did) and encourage them to tell you what they see. Children are more sensitive to the paranormal. They have sinced moved out of the house for personal reasons.

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