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Private Residence

Case # 31080109

Third Investigation

February 13, 2010

Activity: A child in the household has had hair pulled by a spirit of a child. They hear walking upstairs when no one is there. Electronics act crazy and things move.


Investigators: Dolly and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras



We did have several things happen. While outside one team did get mist in about 8 pictures (out of hundreds). They do not smoke and did not breath out when they took the pictures


Also another team was walking down a dark dirt road that runs beside the property. All cameras and cell phones drained instantly and at the exact same time when they reached a certain area.


The clients own a dog who reacts to what's going on in the house. She was sleeping when she perked up and started staring at one corner. Then she growled a few minutes later. Growling is not normal bahavior for this dog. The last investigation, when she growled, we heard a disembodied voice right when she was growling.


In the sitting room, we had a camera move by itself, a door opened by itself, and a stuffed animal moved a little

Upstairs another door opened by itself.


While in the kitchen Dolly was looking out the window and saw a man's face clearly walk past. (He appeared to be early twenties , short brown hair). Right when Dolly went to tell everyone what she saw, a female investigator started saying she saw a shadow walk past (other side of the kitchen). There were no men investigating with us and it's impossible for someone to walk past the window. It's not ground floor level.



Evidence All evidence has been reviewed.

We did get an EVP in the sitting room. You will hear Dolly giving some information to the other team when a woman whispers something. (I'm here, etc..not 100% sure). Family members have listened to the EVPs and feel it's a family member who deceased recently. The teddy bear that moved belonged to that person as well and was in the room that she use to use.


This recorder was in the Parlor. We picked up a woman humming

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