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Jackson County Graveyard # 1

First Investigation



Even though most of the team has grown up in south Ms none of us had ever heard or seen this graveyard. Its off the beaten path. We received a call from local police asking us to investigate. We didnt catch nothing in pictures or audio. You will see a perfect example of what a bug looks like when you take a picture with a digital camera. The only thing we had happened is when we first entered a cemetery one of the senior members gasped and said "theres a man hanging from that tree" When everyone looked nothing was there. She was able to describe his clothing etc. Well when we checked back into the polcie they asked if anything happened. The senior member was reluctant to say anything but when ahead and told the police what she saw. The police looked shocked. Apparantly a man had been found hanging there years earlier from the exact tree she had seen the man hanging from. After leaving here we did proceed to investigate another graveyard.

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