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Private Residence

Case # 24111007

First Investigation

November 10, 2007


Activity:  House was built in 1973. Homeowners were hearing noises in an office, seeing shadows, hearing whispers and even seen a spoon levitate in the kitchen area. Also a picture in the hallway kept coming off the wall. The homeowners aren't bothered by the activity. They just want validation as to what is going on.  


Investigators:  Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment:  Night vision cameras with Dvr/monitor system, digital audio, digital cameras, Several EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers.  


Investigation:  Well, we did get a few cold spots and some EMF readings. Most of the EMF readings we could explain. Most of the activity was reported in the hallways and in the office. While the team was in the hallway, they heard what sounded like a tapping noise in the office a couple of times. The hallway is in a L shape. Dolly had the team move to the corner of the hall to take pictures from the other direction when they noticed that the coo coo clock (which doesn't work) was moving. Clocks have heavy metal weights in the shape of pinecones which normally move up and down. These were swinging sideways like crazy. No one had been in that part of the hallway. There were no drafts, vents, windows, etc. near it to explain it. They swung for at least 6 minutes when we then proceeded to walk over and stop them.  A few minutes later they would start again. We also got extremely high EMF's on an antique sofa. It only did it when a nearby light switch was  on.


We talked to our electrician about the high EMFs on the antique sofa. He said "in the 70's, a lot of houses were built using aluminum wiring. Due to the conductivity being different than copper, they used bigger wire. Also they found out that aluminum wire broke down in structure with the current running through it, causing higher ampere drawing. This could explain that high EMF reading." 

Our team started in the living room. You will hear an investigator ask a question and then hear what sounds like a man saying "What?"



This is the hallway where we recorded the coo coo clock video and the EVP.

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