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Private Residence 

Case # 24030708

First Investigation

March 7, 2008

Activity:  The homeowner's children were seeing spirits. The one child went into great detail about 5 spirits that she sees in the house. Also, the family hears noises, sees shadows and feels like they are being watched. A visiting relative thought she saw the homeowner's child walked past the bedroom doorway, but it wasn't them.  


Investigators:  Dolly and the Team


Equipment:  Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.  


Investigation:  Well, we had a few interesting things happen to us. Helen went to open the closet door and it felt like something was pulling it shut. Then, we set up a ball in the hallway and marked the spot with tape in an attempt to get the child spirit that the daughter sees to try and move it. It did move a bit. Dolly and Helen heard what sounded like laughing in the back part of the house and no one was in there. We did get some unexplained EMFs in the daughter's room and near the hallway/front door entrance. We also heard several unexplained noises from the back part of the house and again no one was back there. At one point, Dolly thought she had seen the angel statue on the fridge move (turn). The homeowner was able to verify that it was what had moved. The picture is at the top of this page. We did have to crop the picture to protect the homeowners identity.  




You will hear a female investigator  ask "Are you hiding over there in that corner?" You will hear what sounds like a child respond "No one's hiding." We did amplify the "no one's hiding" part so you can hear it better

Conclusion:  We have scheduled an emergency investigation for this Friday. Whatever is in the house has become physical. 

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