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Local School Grounds in Harrison County

Case # 24060207

First Investigation

June 2, 2007



Activity:  It was brought to our attention about a school that was located in Harrison County until Hurricane Katrina severely damaged it. Supposedly, there were strange things going on before it had to be torn down. Shadowz Paranormal Investigations would like to state that we never investigate property without permission and we would like to thank the local police and everyone else involved for helping us be able to perform this investigation. If you trespass on property without permission, you can be arrested!  


Investigators:  Jared and Dolly.  

Equipment:  Night vision goggles, digital audio, digital cameras, Several EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers.  


Investigation:  The only unusual thing we notices was wild temperature drops. Normal temperature readings were 75-85. We were getting 30-40 degree temperature readings in two locations. We could follow the movement of the readings. 


Evidence No idea what this is. We thought it might be a bird, but we did not hear it when it was recorded. I did not clean up the EVP.



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