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Private Residence 

Case # 78071908

First Investigation 

July 19, 2008


Activity: Members of the household had seen an apparition of a woman who appeared to be wearing clothes from the 1800's time era. They also have seen a male and a small child. Radio stations would change channels, windows would unlock themselves, water came on by itself, etc.


Investigators: Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. We also used a Franks Box.


Investigation: We did investigate for two days straight, so we have a ton of evidence. We did have some personal experiences. Dolly's hair was pulled gently in the daughter's room. Also in that, room Billy felt a weird sensation on his leg (static electricity type). A few seconds later, the bed shook as if someone had hit it hard. He and Dolly were both sitting on it and felt it. Ron was in a chair a few feet away. In that same room, we had a statue and a stuff animal move on the dresser.. We heard unexplained noises in several rooms while investigating. A male investigator  was looking through his camera when something purple passed in front of it quickly. There was nothing purple there. At one point there was an "old" smell in one bathroom.


Evidence : This first EVP was from an empty room.


You will hear what sounds like a male EVP about "Falling apart." Then Dolly will speak about a window being open.

We can't make this one out. It sounds child like in the master bedroom saying "what are you doing?"

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