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Local VFW

Case # 300060208

First Investigation

June 2, 2008

Investigators:  Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment:  Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.  


Investigation:  Well, we had a very interesting night. Four people heard a male disembodied voice in the bar area. A male investigator  thought he had seen Dolly walk in front of him, behind the bar, but she was in back of him. This could not have been reflections, we checked. Numerous cold spots, feelings of being watched, temperature drop, etc. At one point, Dolly was sitting on a bar stool doing readings and asking questions for audio. She was holding equipment in both hands. A male investigator said he had a cold spot and Dolly felt a tingling on her right leg. When he tried to take a picture the camera died and shut off. All the camera batteries constantly drained quickly all night. He shone a flash light on Dolly's leg where the tingling was and there were red marks. Appear to be scratches.  The picture is below. Dolly's legs are really white so we did darken the picture just a little bit so you could see it. There was nothing near the barstool that could have done it.  She was siting with her back to the bar . The marks did not hurt. The day after, the marks were still there but faint. Note from Dolly: The marks didn't hurt and I didn't feel threatened. It was more like someone just trying to get my attention.  Here is the bar area. As you can see, there is nothing near the stools that Dolly could have scratched her leg on

 Dolly and a male investigator  were investigating in the bar. You will hear Dolly say something and then a voice saying what sounds like "I fell." Then the male speaks again


Male saying "Why?" in the hall area.

Sounds like "Help me."

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