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This house actually belongs to one of our Founders. It had been on the market for a long time and after they bought it they found out it was known as the "Haunted House" in town and was used as a hospital in the Civil war. Numerous people have seen appartions of a male and two children have seen a little girl. Also one child seen a bad man going into the room and into sissys tummy (Her words). Doors open and close, objects will move from the second floor to the first floor by themselves, objects have been thrown, someone hits the bed or bounces on bed in spare room and the founder had their leg grabbed one night around 2 am.This is some of the evidence captured over several investigations.

This footage was recorded on an IR Sytsem in the master bedroom. A cell phone was sued to record the video off the system so thats why its a ltitle jumpy. Their are no vents near this. This light in the background is a door leading to a bathroom.

EVP from basement The room is empty. You will hear a male speak around 2-3 seconds

You will hear Dolly and Jared talking when a man speaks. Some says that he is saying "Jared"

EVP but you will need headphones. You will hear a living male walking back upstairs. Then a male says "killed us all"..then you hear what sounds like a gun cocking and the man then says "F*** it"

You will hear a male and a female in the kitchen cooking when a woman speaks. No one else was in the house.

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