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Jackson County Ms Graveyard

First Investigation 

August 11, 2007

Investigation: We investigated this graveyard multiple times. The evidence is from the second time. The picture of the mist was behind the graveyard near the woods. No one is allowed to smoke while were investigating there. We also got the woman's EVPs there. We were told a woman was murdered there after we showed our evidence to someone in authority.


Evidence Dolly and two female investigators had this on their recorder about the same time the mist appeared. You will hear a woman saying "Help" or "Help me."


Jared and two other investiagtors recorded  this EVP on their recorder by a bench in the graveyard. You will hear someone saying "I'm Zack" or "I'm Back."

Dolly and two investigators recorded this one not long after the "Help" EVP. You will hear a woman saying "Why?

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