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Jackson County Ms Graveyard

First Investigation

May 17, 2008

Investigation: We have been to this graveyard several times and have gotten some great EVPs and pictures of mist. 


Weather conditions that night:

Humidity: 76%

Wind Speed: Calm

Barometer: 29.90" (1012.4mb)

Dew point: 61 F (16 C)


We had a quiet night at first. We did have some high EMF spikes. Anyone familiar with this graveyard knows it's very isolated and a lot of woods. Someone was in the woods following us so we ended up leaving early. One weird thing we did notice was Dolly always keeps her van locked out there. The passenger door which had been locked was unlocked. Strange thing is it can only be unlocked from inside.

Investigators: Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment: Digital camera, video camera, infra red thermometers, EMF Detectors and numerous audio recorders.


There was no evidence found this visit. Heres some pictures of us working.

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