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Reports on locations  in Jackson  County of  our home State of Ms visited, researched or investigated by Shadowz Paranormal. Here you will find photographs, audio, video, and the histories and stories behind the locations we visit.


Private Residence in Pascagoula

Case # 30030108

First Investigation

March 3, 2008


The homeowners see shadows, doors open by themselves, objects disappear, cold spots and the children will point to the ceiling and act like they are talking to someone that is not there.

Private Residence in Gautier

Case # 30020707

First Investigation

February 24, 2007

The homeowner had contacted us about activity in her house. Something would throw things, slam doors open and shut, slam into the walls, etc. They were told by a neighbor that someone had committed suicide there. The male homeowner had even had the Spirit say things to him, menacing things.

Nursing Home

Case # 30090806


To protect the identity of the business no pictures will be posted 

Private Residence in Ocean Springs

Case # 30062307

First Investigation

June 23, 2007

The homeowners have been experiencing several things over the last few years. They've seen shadows out of the corner of their eyes. Also they have had doors open and shut by themselves and tapping noise on the walls. One time the TV turned on by itself


Private Residence

Case # 30100414

First Investigation

Oct 4, 2014

Homeowners said they are seeing a black dog and a "shadow" man and woman

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