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Private Residence in Hattiesburg
Case # 18093007
First Investigation
September 29, 2007



Activity: Several people have experienced being held down or the feeling of someone trying to pull them out of bed. One lady was bitten on the ear during the night. One lady told me of feeling like she's being watched.


Investigators: Jared, Dolly, and the team. We were also joined by representatives from 2 different radio stations who wanted to get an idea of how we operate.


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras


Investigation: The house is an old home from the 1800's. It has a basement, 1st floor and an attic. We were not able to investigate in the basement area. We split into 2 teams. Team A (Jared, Dolly and Rich) started in room #2. Team B (Julie, Donna and Rebecca (a disc jockey) started in the attic. While Team A was investigating, they did get an EMF Reading they couldn't explain. Also, it sounded like someone knocked 3 times on the bedroom door. We had Keith (a disc jockey) and the homeowners watching the DVR system in the living room. They thought we had knocked on the door. When Team A switched to bedroom #1, they had the following happen: We did get EMF readings in 2 areas that we couldn't explain. Dolly kept getting cold spots on her legs while she was laying on the bed. We should mention that the house has no A/C except a window unit in the living room and no windows. So it was very hot. Jared did debunk this. There was a hole in the wall that allowed cold air to come inside right next to the bed. While we were sitting there, a closet door opened by itself. We re-shut it and tried to walk around, etc. to get it to open. The door is very solid wood. We couldn't get it to pop back open by itself but a few minutes later it reopened. Then, in this bedroom is the stairs that lead upstairs. While we were sitting around listening, you can hear someone walking up the wooden steps towards the attic and no one was there. When group A went into the attic, we didn't get anything except scratching and chewing of something in there. Maybe a rat or squirrel. The floor was unstable so we couldn't do a real thorough investigation up there. We did get a few unexplained EMF Readings.


Evidence: We did find evidence of rodents living in the attic and also in the one bedroom where the lady was bit. Now we dont know if thats waht bit her but it is possible. 

This is the stairwell where we heard someone walking up and no one was there.

The investigators were talking about how one corner (under the stairwell) just has a bad feeling to one of the investigators. They're discussing this and the temperature change and then you hear "sorry, sorry, sorry" whispered over behind them. We did include part of their conversation. The "sorry" was not anyone of our Team Members. 

While in the attic, two of our female investigators and our guest DJ Rebecca recorded this EVP. You'll hear one of the investigators  answering a question. Listen very close in the background. You'll hear a whisper and then a giggle. They were the only ones upstairs and the bedroom below was not being investigated at that time

You'll hear one of the investigators say "this is Julie, Donna and Rebecca". Right after that, you hear a faint male whisper "And me." This EVP was in the bedroom where the woman claimed she was bit. No one was in the room besides the 3 females

You'll hear the 3 female investigators talking. Over it you'll hear a man whisper "there you go.

You'll hear the investigators (Dolly's group) talking. Over it, you'll hear a man whisper "Why, hey, hey."


This is the same bedroom the previous EVPs came from. We were on a short break. The room is empty. You will hear what sounds like a man exhaling.

One of our guests had walked down the stairs. After he walked down you can hear what sounds like someone else coming down. No one was there. As you can see, the stairs are good and solid.

In this one you will hear a faint whisper of a male saying "Over here." There were no guys present at this time.

Conclusion:  Between the EVPs, personal experiences, the sound of walking down the stairs when no one was there, we have concluded that this house is haunted and have even been invited back by the homeowner for further investigations.

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