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Private Residence in Hattiesburg
Case # 18093007
Second Investigation
January 5, 2008


Activity: Several people have experienced being held down or the feeling of someone trying to pull them out of bed. One lady was bitten on the ear during the night. One lady told me of feeling like she's being watched. The house is from the 1800's.


Investigators: Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.


Investigation: If you are not familiar with the evidence from the first we investigated, read and listen to it here.

We decided to investigate with only one group at a time since we were going to be there all night. Julie, Alicia and Dolly were in the one bedroom were we did get EVPs of the man during the last investigation, plus where the stairs are where we heard someone walking down when no one was there. Julie was sitting in a chair. Dolly and Alicia were sitting on a bed. Dolly had her right foot on the floor when something poked her hard on the inside of her calf. It was almost as if someone was under the bed and had reached out to poke her. No one was under the bed and there was absolutely nothing there that could have done it. The picture at the top of the page was taken a few seconds before her leg was poked.  Also, in this same room later, Julie thought she had seen a shadow darting up the stairs to the attic. We did have the night vision cameras going on the staircase.


Evidence: Evidence has been reviewed. We have over 15 EVPs (male, woman and child). We did get an interesting shot on our night vision camera in the bedroom where Dolly was touched on the leg. 

We have recorded several EVPs in the main bedroom. Here's a few. These were all in the first hour. Most are real faint.  Present in the room at this time were Dolly and two female investigators. You will hear us talking and all of a sudden a male says something. We think it is maybe "where". We are not sure, though.

 This is about a minute or two after Dolly was poked in the leg. You will hear Julie and her discussing that and then you will hear a man whisper something really fast around 8-9 seconds. . A few people thought it says "can you hear me?" and a few more thought it said "Did you feel me?" Remember, there were no men in the room



We did get this EVP of a female saying "Hey"

You'll hear a train whistle and then a man says "hey". The room was empty at the time.


Turn the volume up on this one. It is faint. You can hear humming or singing. The room was empty at this time.

This sounds like a child. I did make the one part a little louder so you can hear it. We can't make out what it is saying

You'll hear us talking in the other room, but towards the end you will hear a raspy sounding "ohhhh".


The following EVPs are from the attic.

You will hear our group talking. One of our investigators says "water". A few seconds later, you will also hear a faint whisper of a woman saying "water". This is not one of our group.


You'll hear our investigators talking and then you hear what sounds like a woman chanting.


This is the same EVP, we just isolated the one part so you can hear it better.



Conclusion: Between the EVPs, personal experiences, the sound of walking down the stairs when no one was there we have concluded that this house is haunted and have even been invited back by the homeowner for further investigations


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