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Private Residence in Hattiesburg
Case # 18093007

Third Investigation

March 15, 2008


Several people have experienced being held down or the feeling of someone trying to pull them out of bed. One lady was bitten on the ear during the night. ...


While Dolly's team was in the haunted bedroom, Jared and an investigator  were watching the monitor. The master bedroom door opened all by itself.


While this was going on, Dolly's team in the haunted room had several things happen. One investigator became very emotional. She was picking up an overwhelming feeling of sadness. Several investigators had tightness in their chest, the room felt heavy, one felt the room was spinning and one felt like something tugged on the back of her shirt. Helen thought she smelled a "dead" smell. The temperature was average around 72. All these things were happening at once. The temperature jumped up to 88 degrees then back down a few seconds later and the room returned to normal.

Later, the men were in the attic investigating. They felt about a 10 degree temperature drop, a heaviness in the room and a tightening in their chest. 

Also, before we had even started investigating, a fan turned on by itself.

Later, back in the master bedroom, a group had the temperature soar to 88. At that time, the room temperature average was around 64. It was later in the night and cooler.


This is from the "Ghost" bedroom. No one is in the room. All investigators are in the living room, so the background talking is them. You will hear a whisper and then you will hear "Right now".

You will hear two investigators talking and real faintly you will hear a male whisper something.


Conclusion: Unfortunately, the case is now closed. The house was demolished to make a parking lot. This was one of our most haunted cases. 

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