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Reports on graveyards  visited, researched or investigated by Shadowz Paranormal. Here you will find photographs, audio, video, and the histories and stories behind the graveyards we visit. Please note: We only investigate a graveyard after numerous complaints of activty  and we always have permission from the proper authorities  to investigate. It is illegal in Ms to be in a graveyard after dark. 

Private  Location

​Case # 00053111 

 May 31, 2011

 We were asked to investigate the graveyard because of numerous complaints of activity

Coon Hill Cemetery


May 24, 2008

Coon Hill is the oldest cemetery in northern Santa Rosa County. It originated around 1820, 

about the time of the first settlers


Jackson County Graveyard # 1

First Investigation

Aug 11, 2007

Local police had contacted us about investigating this place. Numerous complaints of lights, figures etc..

Jackson County Ms Graveyard

First Investigation

May 17, 2008

Last visit we did capture some exciting evidence so we were ready to go back...



WE actually went to a City Council meeting to try and get some help for this graveyard...

Harrison County Graveyard


WE did investigate after numerous complaints and getting permission

Jackson County Ms Graveyard

First Investigation 

August 11, 2007

A picture from this investigation actually made it into the Book "Ghost Coast to coast.(go to Media scetion for more info)

Jackson County Graveyard

First Visit

April 21, 2007

Spanish Moss and beautifuk scenery. We didnt investigate. Just took pictures a few of which appeared in our Calendar. 

Jackson County Ms Graveyard

Second Investigation


Follow up from our first investigation when we didnt get any recorded evidence.

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