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Private Residence

Case # 20050109 

Second Investigation

May 15, 2009


Activity:  Homeowners and their children see a male who appears to be carrying a machete. They have been touched and their pets behave strangely. 


Investigators:  Dolly, Susan and the Team


Equipment:  Night vision cameras with Dvr/monitor system, digital audio, digital cameras, Several EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers. 


Investigation:  At one point Dolly's team was in the den and Susan's flashlight came on by itself. It's the kind with the switch on the side that you have to move up to turn it on and it is hard to turn on. 


We didn't get any evidence as far as audio and the IR cameras. We did, however, get some interesting pictures. There's about 20 from this one time frame. Some pictures the mist appears on the right side, some the left side, some all over and then some were clear. There were no temperature changes to cause fogging on the lens and if it had been fingerprint, etc. on the lens the mist wouldn't have been moving around in the shots. We did have a professional photographer examine the pictures and he couldn't explain it. We also went in to the room later and tried to recreate the shots and none of them had the mist.

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