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Private Residence in Lucedale

​Case # 20011808

First Investigation

January 18, 2008


Activity: Numerous people, not just the homeowners, have seen balls of lights in the hallway that shoot into the walls, shadows, doors slamming in their faces, feelings of dread, people being touched, etc. The kids and the female homeowner are scared of their own house. 


Investigators: Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment: Night vision cameras with Dvr/monitor system, digital audio, digital cameras, Several EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers. 


Investigation: We did have a few unexplained EMF spikes and a temperature drop when we asked it to make it cold. Julie was in the child's bedroom asking questions for audio when all of a sudden she felt like someone was digging their fingers into her upper back. She did have a red mark. 


Evidence:  Here are a few pictures from the investigation. There was no evidence in any of the pictures. 


You will hear and investigator saying 'Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest?' Someone answers "I" and it is none of us

You will hear a male talking at the end. It sounds like "leave." 


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