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Private Residence in Escambia County
Case # 02022308
First Investigation
February 23, 2008


Activity:  Someone has seen an apparition in the attic. Items move from one location to another. They've heard doors open and a woman talking out loud when one wasn't present. They have had activity in every room of the house and not just the homeowners have experienced this.


Investigators: Jared, Dolly and the Team.


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras


Investigation: We had a very exciting night. In the art room, Joey, Jared and Dolly were investigating. At one point, Joey felt an extreme sadness hit him. Also Dolly was asking that if there was a Spirit present if it could drop the temperature. The temperature was between 71-73. Within two minutes it dropped down to 62 and then shot right back up. Also, we heard a knocking. It knocked three times and sounded like it came from the dining room. We asked that it do it again and it did. We couldn't debunk this. 


Picture of Area where we heard the knocking

Also, a few minutes later, Dolly had something rub across the top of her hair very gently. Here's a picture a few minutes before this happened. There's nothing there that could have done it.

 Almost everyone felt unexplained cold spots during the night. The homeowner had some dousing rods and asked us to use them. When Dolly and Jared both first took the rods, they started spinning like crazy. Here's a picture of Jared with them.




Evidence:    In the art room, where we asked the spirit to drop the temperature, we did get an interesting shot. We tried to debunk it by retaking shots with the flashlight at different angles. We have sent it to a photographer. We have here some of the shots where we tried to debunk it and then the actual photo in question. 


We did hear back from the photographer and he said he has no explanation for the flash in the previous picture other than paranormal activity!

Jared and Dolly had gone into the art room. We kept getting numerous orbs (dust) in the art room. You'll hear us debunking it and we get what sounds like a male whisper "Nobody will believe." The first is the whole EVP. The second one we isolated the male whisper, slowed it down and magnified it.




At 2 seconds, you'll hear a woman whisper "now" and around 6 seconds you'll hear what sounds like a child saying "you". There are no kids living in this house.

You'll hear us talking in the background and then you'll hear a male faintly say "no."


Another EVP of a child. Sounds real young. One person thought it's trying to say "momma.


A Follow up has been Scheduled

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