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Business-Cindys Cafe

Case # 24123009

Third  Investigation 

Jan 9, 2010


Activity: The business owner had seen a light (chandelier type fixture) in the ceiling that would swing back and forth, but the rest of the lights in the business don't. A heavy dispenser has moved as if thrown. A few people would hear what sounded like a woman speaking. On the day we were contacted, the one owner heard a woman speak then he saw a female apparition standing in the hallway. Right at that time, a mirror, which was screwed into the wall, went crashing down. A pepsi machine light that hasn't worked in 3 months cut on. Also, they have a gum ball machine. One morning, upon returning to work, the dispenser holding the gum was upside down (the numbers were now upside down, that's how they knew). Pictures that were on the wall have come crashing down and one has even warped for no aparrant reason. A second person saw the female since we were contacted yesterday. We did work this in as an emergency case. 

Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. 


Investigation: We did have a reporter from the Sun Herald with us who was doing a follow up on the investigation. We used the windchimes in a controlled environment again and they started moving and moved for quite sometime by themselves. A timer went off in the kitchen. We're going to check with the owner and see if he had it set. Two investigators heard what sounded like a sigh in the backroom. There's a lot of equipment back there so we will have to review the audio and make sure it wasn't that. 


Nothing was found on evidence.

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