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Business-Cindys Cafe

Case # 24123009

Second  Investigation 

Jan 8, 2010



Activity: The business owner had seen a light (chandelier type fixture) in the ceiling that would swing back and forth, but the rest of the lights in the business don't. A heavy dispenser has moved as if thrown. A few people would hear what sounded like a woman speaking. On the day we were contacted, the one owner heard a woman speak then he saw a female apparition standing in the hallway. Right at that time, a mirror, which was screwed into the wall, went crashing down. A pepsi machine light that hasn't worked in 3 months cut on. Also, they have a gum ball machine. One morning, upon returning to work, the dispenser holding the gum was upside down (the numbers were now upside down, that's how they knew). Pictures that were on the wall have come crashing down and one has even warped for no aparrant reason. A second person saw the female since we were contacted yesterday. We did work this in as an emergency case. 

Investigators: Dolly, Jared, Susan and the Team

Investigation: We did have a windchime in a controlled object to prevent drafts, etc. from moving it. It moved three different times and only part of the chime moved, not the whole thing. One pipe would move one way, another one a different direction. At one point, when this was happening, we had a very high EMF spike. Two of our investigators felt like cobwebs were touching them and there was no cobwebs around. Another investigator had his jacket tugged. 


This was recorded in the Dining Room. Dolly had just told the rest of the team that her son, Jared, had to leave for a little bit but would be back. You will hear Dolly say "we can handle it." Then a female (or child) says what sounds like "Who's Jared?" Dolly was the only female present at that time and it's not her. This is the actual clip. We did not amplify it or modify it.


You will hear Dolly say something, then a woman says "Who"

There was no evidence found in the photographs, IR camera, etc


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