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Private Residence 

​Case # 24062409

Third Investigation 

August 7, 2009


Activity: After our last investigation the homeowner found mutilated pictures, more vulgar messages in the mirror and our business card torn up. We went out and saged the house. First night after the sage, they found all the kitchen cabinets open and another vulgar message in mirror. Then the house was quiet for a few days. One night they came home and the laptop, which is normally off (and was off when they left the house), was open, turned on and had our website up. A few days later, they found 666 and a pentagram carved in a door. A Priest had blessed a house twice before we were even contacted and activty became worse. Keep in mind, we were not present at any of the above things. This is what we were told.. 


Investigators: Dolly and the Team



Investigation: Our case manager had a key to the house. The homeowners were gone for the night. When we arrived, all the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms were shut and locked. When I called the homeowner, she said all the doors were open when they left. We did examine the 666 on the door and the pentagram which turned out not to be a pentagram. Jeff said it looked more like the Star Trek emblem. While we investigated nothing happened. No EMF spikes, noises, etc. It was extremly quiet. We have become concern that the activity is not paranormal, but someone getting in and messing with the house for whatever reason and have advised the homeowners of some steps to take. To many things happen while they're not at home and it just does not fit in with hauntings. We will, however, review the evidence and see if we did capture anything. 


Nothing was found on the evidence

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