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Private Residence 

Case # 24062409  

First Investigation

June 24, 2009


Activity: Appliances turn on and off. Blinds open. Something writes things in the mirror such as "U go" and other thing using very explicit language. Homeowner was locked out of the house while working on the yard. Strange behavior from 2 kids appearing at their door that they've never seen in the neighborhood. The radio comes on by itself. Priest has blessed the house before. 


Investigators: Dolly and the Team


Equipment: Night vision cameras with Dvr/monitor system, digital audio, digital cameras, Several EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers. 


Investigation: We did have one investigator see what appeared to be a shadow looking in to the master bedroom where a team was investigating. Another investigator saw a shadow about 3 ft high dart past next to the kitchen table. About two hours into the investigation, the radio came on playing a song about when angels deserve to die..(Song by System of a Down) We were, however, able to debunk it. The timer was set for the stereo to come on at 1:15 (time was set wrong so 9pm our time). This actually happens alot. We did have a lot of outside noise (fireworks, etc). 


Evidence: We did record some EVPS.  EVP saying "what was they in to?"


EVP from the master bedroom. Can't make it out. No one was in the room at the time.


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