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Private Residence 

Case # 24061910

Second Investigation

July 2, 2010


Activity: Homeowner has seen a male standing in one room watching her. A relative, sleeping in the guest bedroom, said the bed shook. They have feelings of being watched, see shadows and their dog reacts (scared) to something. Also, a toy was thrown at the homeowner. 


Investigators: Dolly and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. 


Investigation: We had a very interesting night. Dolly had someone play with her hair in the master bedroom and a few seconds later a female investigator  was touched on her back. We did get a high EMF Spike at the time. Susan was scratched on her leg a few minutes later. Bed shook in both rooms a few times. A male Investigator  thought he saw a shadow in the hallway and the person watching monitors did notice what looked like a shadow blocking a light out. In the spare room Dolly had a laid a flashlight on the floor and asked if anyone is in the room could they move the light,turn it on etc. All of a sudden we heard a click click and a female investigator gasped. She had a flashlight on her and that's the one the spirit messed with instead of the one on the floor. 

Nothing was found during evidence review.

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