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Undisclosed Graveyard 

​Case # 00053111 

 May 31, 2011

Activity: We were asked to investigate the graveyard because of numerous complaints of activity.


Investigators: Dolly, Susan and the Team



Equipment: Audio recorders, digital cameras, K 11 and video cameras.


Investigation: We did have a few things happen. Two investigators sawwhat looked like a dark shadow cross from one tree to the next. Another investigator saw what appeared to be a child dart from one gravestone to the next. When the team walked closer to investigate, one of the investigators was pinched on her lower back. There was one spot where the K11 went crazy. There were no readings anywhere else in the graveyard.


Evidence We didn't get any evidence in pictures or video. We did get a few EVPs.

A Male investigator says "You can speak into my little recorder here". Around 5 or 6 seconds later you will hear a woman say "What?"

You'll hear a female investigator  ask "Do you have a message for Ron?" around 5 or 6 seconds later, a male says "Ron"

This is when we first arrive and were setting up. A woman whispers something. "Joke" maybe, not sure.

You will hear Dolly say "Back side right there" and what sounds like a child says "help"

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