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Shadowz Paranormal Investigations is a science-based team in Biloxi Ms and  Knoxville TN formed to research and investigate claims of the paranormal, anomolies, and the unexplained. Unlike many investigative groups who concentrate on one aspect of the paranormal, Shadowz Paranormal researches many different areas of the unexplained. We investigate claims of parapsychology, the supernatural, ufology, cryptozoology, folklore urban legends, and more. Our team is comprised of experienced investigators who collectively have over 40 years of experince and they have a passionate interest in all things paranormal . Our approach to all paranormal cases is one of objectivity. We always start by looking for rational, scientific explanations for claims of activity, and only once all rational explanations have been excluded do we consider a case to be possibly paranormal. All of our investigations are conducted completely free of charge. The Biloxi team has been a proud TAPS Family member since 2009. 

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