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Private Residence in Pascagoula

Case # 30020908

Third Investigation


Activity: This is a return visit. The homeowners are experiencing the feeling of being watched, shadows in the hallway and the living room.


Investigators: Dolly, Jared  and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.


Investigation: We did have an EMF spike next to Dolly while she was sitting on the sofa in the living room. At one point, in the master bedroom, two investigators thought they heard a noise. When they tried to take a picture, one camera refused to work and then the other one's battery drained instantly. Also, in this room, one investigator became very light headed.

Evidence: We did record some EVPS. 


We were not even investigating yet. You'll hear Jared and a male investigator in the living room talking in the background. They were the only two men present, but we captured another male voice. I did have to amplify it and slow it down some. It's around 7 seconds and the second word is again.


An Investigator had walked into the master bedroom to snap some pictures. After she leaves, you'll hear what sounds like a "uh?" No one else was present in the room. The homeowner's child had gone to the store with his Grandmother at the time.

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