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Private Residence

Case # 66071009

First Investigation

July 10,2009


Activity: Clients have had objects move, seen shadows, feelings of being watched, etc. Twice, she has seen figures standing by her bed watching her. Once they were talking but she couldn't understand what was being said.


Investigators: Dolly, Susan Mick and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, IR cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.


Investigation: Susan and a male investigator were upstairs setting up IR cameras and Dolly was downstairs with the rest of the team when there was a loud crash. Susan had been standing on the landing coming out of one of the bedrooms. Her back was to the bedroom (which had no one in it) and she was standing on the top step when she was shoved hard from behind. She went flying through the air (this is how the male investigator described it) went about 7ft and head first into a wall. Her head was extremly red and there was some bleeding. The picture at the top of this page shows where Susan ws standing when she was shoved. This picture below shows where her head hit the wall.

She said she felt ok so we continued. I did have my law enforcement guy look at the scene where it happened to get his opinion. He said if she had slipped and fell she would have gone down the stairs not straight out across like she did. At one point, Dolly's team was upstairs when they heard what sounded like walking in a spare room that was empty. The teams downstairs heard it also and thought it was us.Then later Dolly and a feamle investigator  decided to be "bait" and sat on the landing where Susan was shoved. They both heard a very distinct growl. Kind of like a man who was angry, not animal like. We did end up leaving after about 5 hours and Susan was taken to the ER. She had a concussion but shes going to be fine.


Evidence: We were unable to explain this picture. We have sent it to a professional photographer (he's a skeptic) and so far he hasn't been able to explain it. Of all the pictures we took in that area only the one had the shadow appearance to the left. We remove camera straps so it wasnt that.

You may need the headphones for this one. You will hear something (can't tell you what) at 3 seconds and again around 5. You'll hear one of our investigators talking about taking pictures.

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