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Private  Residence in Ellisville

​Case # 34052909 

First Investigation

May 29,2009


Activity: Numerous people have experienced furniture being thrown, windows and TVs being busted, lights exploding , spirit talking through one of the room mates who told of a horrible thing that happened quite some time ago on the property, banging on their home, roof etc. Rocks and other items were thrown at them and the police have been called out there and they were unable to find out who or what was throwing things. The property has been in the family for 200 years. Supposedly a little girl drowned on the property and people have seen and talked to her. They also said family pets dissappeared in the one room where furniture was thrown. They have sulpher smells and hot spots. They've tried different techniques to bless the house, etc. and it seems to anger whomever is there.


Investigators: Dolly and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.


Investigation: We had asked the homeowner to leave the rooms where all the furniture, etc. was thrown as is so we could see it. Furniture (including solid heavy furniture) was thrown across the room. We did see the busted windows and TV. The inside of the house was quiet while we investigated. At one point we had a team inside and a team outside. Dolly's team was outside when rocks were thrown, a beer bottle and money. Here's the problem: we of course go in and try to explain what is happening that may not be paranormal. So our first thought when we heard about this is someone (living) messing with them. The property is so dark (remember the exploding lights) and so wooded, etc. it would have been easy for someone to hide. We were unable to determine at this time what was going on. While this was happening there was a loud noise in the room where the furniture was thrown and no one was in there. We all went back inside and were trying to debunk that noise when we heard what sounded like banging under the home. When we had packed up and were fixing to leave the rocks started again. This case was marked as an extreme emergency so we rearranged our schedule. We didn't get a chance to do any background research. Wehn we had pulled up there were several rough looking youths hanging around and they all just dissapeared when we started investigating (They supposedly went home) 





We thought we may have had a few EVPs but because of the broken windows and people being outside we weren't sure; therefore, we're not posting them



Conclusion:  UPDATE: Upon reviewing evidence, we found proof that someone that lives in the house had deliberately thrown the beer bottle at us  which not only could have hit one of our investigators but also caused us to waste a lot of valuable time. We caught him in one of the hundreds of picture we took. Because of this deception, we can not help but wonder if the rest of their story was false as well. WE also found out a local paranormal group in that town was behind the whole thing.  We had a few of their former clients call us for help when they botched the job and I guess this was their was at getting back at us.  We actually had to get the police involved after constant harrassement from the homeowner. Even though we showed her the picture of the guy throwing the bottle she didnt want to believe it. 


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