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Private Residence

Case # 30101709

Seventh Investigation

Sept 27,2014

The group had a very exciting night. Possible apparition was seen by the homeowner and one of our lead Investigators. We have it on video. Going through all the evidence. We will post it soon as were finished!.

This EVP was recorded on the second floor during set up. You will hear a male say "OH" towards the end of the clip.

This EVP was recorded on the second floor during camera set up. You will hear our Manger George explaining to a female investiagtor about camera set up when a male says "Ok"There was no other male upstairs besides George and it isnt him. Listen close around 12 seconds. 

 This is upstairs during setup. You will hear one of our managers George telling Joel to bring up some cord. Right after George says "Joel" you'll hear a thump then a voice says "Spirits" then Joel says "Copy that" The "Spirits" wasn't one of us. 

Since we know there is a child spirit here we always bring a toy for part of the nvestigation. In this case a ball. You will hear George askSusan where she wanst him to put the ball (has to be in camera view) Right after he says "low" you will hear something being said. Might need headphones. Wasnt our team. 

During set up. You will hear a creepy laugh.

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