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Private Residence

Case # 30101709

Fifth Investigation

October 16, 2010


Activity:  Homeowners experience feelings of being watched, see shadows, a child sees a child in her room, being touched, etc.  


Investigators:  Dolly, Susan and  the Team


 Investigation:  We had a very active night. While setting up equipment, we heard a possible female disembodied voice and several people saw a hat moving by itself on the coast rack. A male investigator went to tape down the camera wires and the cables moved about a foot and half by themselves when he reached to grab them. During the investigation, Susan had a door shut right in front of her. At one point, Dolly asked if there was anyone present, could they knock a male invesigators hat off his head and his hat went flying off. Several people heard someone walking on the 2nd floor (attic area) when no one was there. Then, Susan, who was at one end of the house with team 1, asked if there was anyone present could they touch someone's hair on the other team (team 2) which was at the opposite end of the house and had no idea what was being said. At that point, Dolly who was on the second team and had someone run their fingers through her hair.  


We did get a male EVP in the back bedroom. You will hear a male EVP and then an investigator asks "Ok? how do you turn this thing off?"



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