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Private Residence

Case # 30101709

2nd Investigation with WLOX news

October 28, 2009


Activity:  The house is over 100 years old. Homeowner would feel like he was being watched and he would hear someone walking really heavily down the stairs from the second floor. The homeowner was generous enough to allow WLOX camera men to film the investigation. We would like to thank him.  


Investigators:  Dolly, Jared, Rita and Susan.  


Equipment:  Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras.  


Investigation:  We thought we felt the bed shake once in the spare room. We did have a few K 11 spikes. Other than that, we had a quiet night.  


Evidence All evidence has been reviewed, including audio, video, etc. and nothing was found.  


Conclusion:  Return visit planned for December 12.  


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