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Private Residence in Gautier

Case # 30020707

First Investigation

February 24, 2007


Activity: The homeowner had contacted us about activity in her house. Something would throw things, slam doors open and shut, slam into the walls, etc. They were told by a neighbor that someone had committed suicide there. The male homeowner had even had the Spirit say things to him, menacing things.


During our initial walkthrough, Dolly and another investigator heard a doorknob beside us turn like someone was opening it. I opened the door and the room was empty. We decided we needed to get audio running in the bedrooms. The female homeowner went to her bathroom, located in the master bedroom. Everyone else was sitting in the kitchen talking. We heard her yelling and she came out very upset. While she was in the bathroom, a male voice told her to "Get out." Donna and Dolly rushed back there. She snapped a picture. All we got was one orb. The EMF Detector did go crazy in that room. Never in the same spot twice and I couldn't explain why it had such high spikes. In another room, it went off a few times. We did have 2 doors open by themselves. Hopefully it will show up on the DVR and Video. We left at about one in the morning. The house really seemed quiet for the most part. When Dolly talked to the homeowner today, they said all hell broke loose after we left. So we are going back this Tuesday and we will be spending the night

We did get a EVPs of a man, woman and child.


The man was in the master bedroom. When the homeowner had gone to the bathroom, she heard a man say "Get Out." We ran back there and took readings and pictures. You will hear Dolly say something about the audio is running in here, and then you will hear a man whisper, "Behind you."


In this same room, but a different night, we got what sounds like a small child saying "Hello." There were no kids in this house.


We also had a very clear  EVP of a woman saying "you know the way out" . The previous web designer lost the EVP and were trying to find a copy of it.


 Conclusion: The homeowners had already started packing before they even contacted us and were moving that week so we were unable to get back in there. We did talk to the next door neighbor, with the homeowner's permission. She knew the lady that had lived there before and contacted her. She had lived in the house for several years and never had any problems.

Note: We did get a call from the new tenant the following year saying he was having problems. The day we were suppose to go investigate we received a call from the local police telling us it was a set up that the owner of the house had planned on robbing us since he felt the tenants moved out because of our findings. This is one of the dangers of our work (the human kind). Their items were al;reayd packed when we had arrived the first time.


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