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Private Residence in Jackson

Case # 25102007 

First Investigation 

October 21, 2007

Activity: The homeowners had numerous complaints. Demon like figures in the window (seen by numerous people), things moving by themselves, feelings of being watched, feelings of despair, etc. Dogs would bark at the ceiling. The previous homeowner had woken up with bloody scratches. Numerous people had a bad feeling about the house. They would here a baby crying, man yelling and a woman saying, "No. No." In the pool room, music would play by itself on the radio even when it was unplugged. The homeowner contacted their Priest to bless the house. He walked around the property, but refused to enter. He claimed it was to negative. That's when they called us. 


Investigators: Jared, Dolly and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. 


Investigation: When one team walked around, they did get some zero temperature readings in the back yard. We were in the 50's that night. Two investigators thought they saw a shadow walk in front of the office door. Both were on different teams, and seen it at different times. However, with so many windows, it could have easily been a reflection. 

We did get some EMF readings, cold spots outside and some EVPs. Most of the activity seemed to be in the office area of the house. 


Pool area where the radio plays by itself.

These two EVPs are from the Office area. We always run audio as soon as we get there. In these EVPs, we are in the kitchen setting up. The recorder was in the office.

You will hear us talking in the background. Listen close and you will hear a faint "Hey. Hey."

You will hear us in the background and a man whispers "Help." It is right around 8 seconds. 

The next EVP is from the child's bedroom, near the office.

You will hear a man whisper "Wow." No one was in the room. You will hear us in the kitchen. 

Conclusion: A follow up has been recommended to the homeowner. 

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