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Private Residence in Jackson

​Case # 25102007   

Second Investigation 

March 8, 2008


Activity: The homeowners have had things thrown across the room, kids see shadows and an apparition of a woman. When we investigated before, we did get a few EVPs. They had a Priest come out in January 2008 and after that things became worse. There's a dead smell in certain parts of the house and they hear growling, etc. 


Investigators: Jared and Dolly


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. 



Investigation: We had a quiet night. We were sitting on the couch at one point, and it felt like something hit the back of the sofa where Dolly was sitting. We did get some unexplained EMF readings in the child's room. Several people thought they saw shadows outside of the other child's room. It also appeared the hanging bed moved by itself, but we have to review the night vision to verify it. 

You will hear Dolly talk. Then a faint female whisper and then a female investigator talks. We cannot make out what she is saying

You will hear a chair being moved and then an investigator is  talking. But there is what sounds like a child's voice also.  No children were present. 

You will hear Dolly and an investigator  talking. There is a whisper in the background. 


This is just before we started investigating. One of our investigators is laughing and you hear someone say "Shhh." 


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