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Private Residence in Biloxi

Case # 24061006

First Investigation

Activity:  The two homeowners had just moved into the house that was approximately 4 years old. One of the daughters started talking to an invisible friend. She said it was an old man named Joe. She even talked about a white sheet being pulled over his face. Then, the women started having the feeling of being watched, especially late at night. Then the doors started opening and closing when no one was near them. The bathroom water would turn on by itself. The TV and radio, which were located in the living room, would turn on full blast in the middle of the night. The thermostat would be turned up or down. They would hear what sounded like a child running through the house when their children weren't there. That's when they decided to contact us. 

The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and approximately 4 years old. There were 2 women in their early twenties. Each has a daughter under the age of 5. 



Investigators:  Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment:  Digital cameras, digital audio recorders EMF Detectors, and a video camera. 


Investigation:  The first night of the investigation, we set about to explain some of the things that were happening. The water in the bathroom that turned on by itself couldn't be explained. The knobs were difficult to even turn. We checked the fixtures, seals, etc. extremely close.


The thermostat was out of the reach of the 2 small daughters so we couldn't explain that. Jared checked the radio and noticed it had a timer on it set for the middle of the night. That might be the reason why it comes on by itself. The TV coming on by itself and the doors opening and closing, we couldn't explain. All in all we had a quiet night.  


Evidence: We reviewed all the audio, pictures, etc. The only evidence we couldn't explain was a shadow in homeowner # 2 bedroom. Dolly was sitting on the floor in a pitch black room. You can see a shadow rise up above her.  


Conclusion:  We asked the homeowners if we could investigate again the next night to try and explain the Shadow. This time, one of the homeowners and her mom would join us. We thought the homeowners presence might cause some activity. Boy, were we right. Make sure you read the details of the second investigation.  



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