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Business - 100 Men Club - Bay St. Louis, MS
Case # 23082011
First Investigation
August 20, 2011



Investigators: Dolly, Jared, Susan and the Team.


Equipment: Night vision cameras with Dvr/monitor system, digital audio, digital cameras, K 11 meter, EMF Detectors and infra red thermometers.


Investigation: We had a few things happen. Several investigators heard unexplained noises. These noises almost sounded like someone trying to open the side door but no one was out there at that time. A few unexplained K11 spikes and someone thought they saw a shadow near the woman's bathroom. When one of the investigators went to check in the ladies room, at that time, it was ice cold in there. The A/C was not on and average temperature was in the high 80s and 90s; so, there shouldn't have ben any cold spots. Unfortunately, the building across the street had a party going on and the audio picked up alot of that.

 We did get a male EVP (faint) saying "hi." This recorder was at the opposite end of the outside noise interference. We will recommend another investigation and the lady in charge is going to make sure the place across the street isn't booked that night. The "Hi" is right around 5 seconds on the clip

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