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Private Residence 

Case # 78090608

First Investigation

September 6, 2008

Activity: The homeowners and others have experienced apparitions, feelings of being watched, being touched, cold spots, objects move and pets act strange.


Investigators: Dolly, Jared and the Team


Equipment: Dvr/Monitor with night vision cameras, several EMF Detectors, digital audio equipment, infra-red thermometer and digital cameras. We also used a Franks Box.


Investigation: We had a very quiet night. We did get some very high EMFs in the house because of electrical. 


Evidence Recorder was running in the back bedroom. You will hear a faint female whisper saying "No". No one was in there.

An investigator is explaining some high EMF readings to the homeowner caused by wiring. In the middle of the conversation a woman says "I know.

Special thanks to the homeowner. After travelling all day we arrived to her house where she had a home cooked meal waiting for us..

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